Voodoo: A Patient’s Explanation of Health Care Costs

When I told my husband that my ob-gyn had recommended two diagnostic exams, he requested that I try out the the insurance company’s online “cost estimator” tool. This exercise was about being an educated patient, not necessarily going with the lowest cost facility, he assured me. “So, we’re going to shop for health care the way we shop for refrigerators?” was the sarcastic response edging its way closer to the tip of my tongue.

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Pink Socks

“He said I was gay,” reported my nearly nine year old son after arriving home from school one day last week.

It was a warm March day, and he was walking home with a few school friends. To cool off, he rolled-up his pants, revealing his skinny calves planted firmly in a pair of hot pink athletic socks.

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Nightly Cooking-Game Show Style

Recently, when I offered my overstock of fresh carrots (a story for another time) to my neighbor, she told me she couldn’t use them because she had already planned her family’s meals for the week. I marveled at the level of organization involved with that feat. At my house, dinners are not so much planned as pieced together like a puzzle, a nightly ritual of desperation, creativity, and scavenging.

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